Within the past year I have received two Gulfstream Aerospace "Mach 2" and two Gulfstream Aerospace "Mach 1" above and beyond awards. I have captured cost savings and cost avoidance totaling over $80,000 in 2012 as well as Lean savings totaling over $35,000. I have captured over $160,000 in cost savings and cost avoidance just within the first month of 2013 alone. The majority of my commodity experience in construction and aviation has been with avionics, electronics, and finnishes, while my negotiation experience comes both from my legal and procurement backgrounds.

I hold a Masters in Business Administration from Georgia Southern University and have over eight years of experience as a decision maker in procurement and negotiations.

Specialties: Contracts, Procurement, Negotiating, Supply Chain Management, Cost Accounting, Purchasing, Civil Litigation, Administrative Law, Efficiency Consulting, Planning, Project Management, as well as Information Systems Consulting and Deployment.